Birthday Policy

On your child's birthday we will sing to your child and I will give him or her a birthday certificate. If your child would like to bring in a class snack for his or her birthday please...
1. make sure there are at least 20 nut free snacks
2. there are all materials needed to enjoy snack (plates, napkins, ect.)
3. your child has it when they come in to school in the morning. If it is to big or heavy for your child to carry you may leave it in the office and it will be brought up to the classroom.

Summer Birthdays
If your child has a birthday over the summer we will have a special day to sing to him or her. Again, if your child would like to bring in a snack we will arrange a special day at the end of the year for your child. (Some people would prefer to do half birthdays. If that is you just let me know.)